A Great Soup From A Great Broth

     A great soup starts with a great broth. I love to make broth and freeze it for use later in soups and other recipes. It can replace plain water in things such as rice, instant potatoes, and gravies or sauces.

     My daughter Lisa made a wonderful, delicious Christmas dinner and the stars of the show were her tasty turkey and her tender moist beef roast. After we demolished the dinner there was a wonderful turkey carcass left. I asked to take it home and the next day I simmered the remains for about 3-4 hours and added some basic seasonings and herbs. It yielded just about a gallon of the most fresh and flavorful broth I've ever had, if I do say so myself.

     I've been saving glass jars from sauces and other groceries, so I filled 4 large ones and put one in the fridge and the remaining 3 in the freezer. They were delicious in my soups, potatoes, and other dishes. For smaller portions you can put a jars worth in an ice cube tray and once well frozen, the cubes can be put together in a sealed plastic bag. I will include some recipes for broths in future posts. photo credit: elana's pantry via photopin cc

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